Adoption requires awareness.

The main reason shelters are full of abandoned animals is because the owners didn't think enough before adopting.

Are you really ready to adopt an animal? Answer these ten questions to find out:

  1. How much time can you actually give the animal?
    Each animal, cat, dog, or rabbit, needs some one on one time with you; for different activities: take a walk, play together, education... It's very important to evaluate if your daily commitments will give you enough time to spend with your furry friend.
  2. How much money would you be willing to spend for the animal's well being?
    This aspect is often overlooked. We usually think that an animal does not affect our finances, but it's wrong. A lot of things need to be taken into consideration: required medical shots, food, toys and other objects, possible medical operations or treatments, pet-sitter or the extra equipment and tools if you take the animal on vacation with you.
  3. Are you sure that nobody has an animal based allergy in the house?
    It's always recommended to make every family member take a test to find out if they have any allergic reactions to the soon to be adopted animal. You will avoid bad surprises when it's too late!
  4. Do you have kids? Are you aware of how demanding the combination of kids plus animals is?
    Too often, sadly, animals are adopted because the kids want a pet. This is a big mistake, a child does not have the abilities to fully take care of an animal in the right manner. In the end it's going to be you to take care of the animal. Besides, the children need to be educated on how to properly behave with the house pet. This will help avoid mistreating the animal or bad accidents to the children.
  5. Are you ready to deal with eventual stress from change?
    Our lives often include some big changes that might bring stress to our animal, such as births, new partner cohabitation, changing houses... We need to be ready to help the animal go through this important life changes.
  6. Do you have other animals in the house?
    A possible cohabitation between two animals needs to be carefully evaluated, preferably with the help of a specialist in this field to avoid tensions and stress for everybody, animals and humans.
  7. Are you sure everybody is fine with adopting a pet?
    It's very important to make sure everybody in the family group is fine with adopting an animal. It's also important to avoid communication problems with the eventual owner of the house or any neighbors in regards of the new situation. The adoption of an animal is something that involves all the family members!
  8. Do you know the average life expectancy of the animal?
    Adopting is a decision with long term consequences. Every animal deserves to be cared and loved until the very last day of its life; it doesn't matter if they are rabbits that on average live 8 years, turtles that can live up to 60 years, cats or dogs that respectively live on average 16 and 10 years. The animal will grow, and as it gets old it will need more care and attention. We need to be aware of this. The shelters are full of old animals, abandoned in the moment of most need because they were considered too demanding. Adopting is an every day commitment that lasts forever, it's NOT a part time obligation.
  9. Do you like cleanness?
    Be aware, animals do make the house a little more dirty!
  10. What kind of animal is best for you?
    This is the mother of all questions when adopting an animal. We need to evaluate our own character and life style in order to decide what kind of animal would best adapt to us. After we have chosen the animal species it's best to get to know different animals of that species, so we can learn their personalities and find the perfect one to become a new member of our family.

Do not be afraid to ask for help! There are specialists and veterinarians who can help you choose. It's always better to be helped in order to set off on the right foot.


FISAP CAB Roberta Roscini
ICAN Feline Behaviourist (Consultant)

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