Let's clear things up on what are the true risks of having a cat infected with toxoplasmosis. I will start by quoting a Wikipedia article that explains in a clear and simple way the nature of this disease and its diffusion:

"Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease caused by Toxoplasma gondii, an organism that usually lives in the cat intestinal tract and is introduced in the body by eating the flesh of small rodents. The intestinal tract is the definitive hosts in which the parasite undergoes sexual reproduction. Oocysts are expelled through the cat feces and can be ingested by another animal or in rare occasions by humans, which represent intermediate hosts.

The cohabitation between men and cats does not represent a high risk factor for Toxoplasmosis infection; the cat only expels the oocysts every 1-2 weeks after being infected, and these oocyst will not be dangerous for another 1-5 days. Regularly cleaning the litter box and the surrounding environment will eliminate the risk of infection. Eating raw or slightly cooked meat (especially lamb and pork), cured meat, badly washed vegetables or non pasteurized milk products represent factors with a higher risk of infection." (translated from the online article available at: https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toxoplasmosi )

So, our cat would have to eat an infected animal's flesh (we can logically assume that it would be difficult for a cat who lives in an apartment or in a well kept private garden to find an opportunity to get infected). But, if we have proof that our cat is indeed infected, we need to keep in mind that the oocysts expelled with the feces take up to 5 days to open and become dangerous. So it's sufficient to clean the litter box daily, eliminating the feces and the urine clots as usual (I hope that nobody would let the cat's litter dirty for two or three days!). If we use gloves when cleaning the litter tray, then the risk of getting infected will go down to zero!

Future mothers don't worry, your cat does not represent a threat to you or your baby, all you need is common sense and some basic hygiene rules! You need to be aware of other threats and situations, so get informed and do not be fooled by gossip or uninformed doctors in a rush.

P.S.: I decided to quote the Wikipedia article because I consider it very clear and concise, but if you do an online search you will find an infinite number of more influential sources that can confirm what I have quoted and written in this article. Let's get informed, always!

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