Centro Miciolandia® is a Center for the study and observation of feline nature, in collaboration with A.S.D. Speed ​​Dog of Perugia, and it is first and foremost a home in which different animal species coexist, including humans, with whom we are fortunate enough to share life experiences every day.

The activities of Centro Miciolandia®, performed or directed by Roberta Roscini, include professional training courses, seminars, events, private consultations to improve the man-cat cohabitation and the eventual resolution of problems, observation in nature, research, recovery and assistance for animals.
On the other hand, the activities of individual students who have been trained and qualified at the Miciolandia® Center and who then conduct counseling or cat-sitting activities are not carried out through the Centro Miciolandia®, but are carried out independently by the individual subjects.

The professional training provided by the Centro Miciolandia® allows access to an examination for obtaining a Certificate of Technical Competence and OIPES Certificate issued by the accredited body Progetto Italia, and allows to be included in ICAN International Companion Animal Network registry as CAB in the cat division. It also provides the opportunity to become part of ISAP International Society of Animal Professionals association.

Centro Miciolandia® is not a cattery and is not a voluntary organization. The animals that live here are resident animals and this is their home for life.

We are a big family, we are incredibly lucky to live in a beautiful setting in the Umbrian hills that allowed us and still allows us to welcome animals as permanent residents. The animals that live in the Centro Miciolandia®, therefore, are not animals seeking for adoption, they are members of our family for the rest of their lives. For many years (now more than ten!) we study the reality of the cat world, its nature, its physical and psychological characteristics, and most of all the relationship that is created between the man and the cat inside a peaceful and respectful coexistence. The purpose of all our activities is to help others to rediscover the naturalness of the interaction with the cat and the beauty of communicating through emotions and mutual knowledge.



Founder and director of Centro Miciolandia® as a feline section of the Speed Dog Center, expert in psychology and behavior of the cat and in relationship and cohabitation between cat and human being, organizer and teacher for the professional training courses and activities of the Center, creator and trainer Progetto Italia certificated for the method Natural Communication Cat-Man®, Expert in Relational Ethology®, always committed to inventing new ways to rediscover life in nature and the wonder of sharing with other animals.

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It's impossible to upload photos of all the animals that live at Centro Miciolandia®, those who know us know that we are many and that sometimes there are new arrivals and old friends who leave. All the animals who live here are free to be what they want, without judgment and without preconceptions, in a sometimes simple and sometimes very complex coexistence, but always wonderful!



All students who follow the path of professional training with us can choose to remain part of the physical and virtual community of Centro Miciolandia®, following the code of ethics of the Center, maintaining their active training to keep up-to-date and professional, working independently as Consultants in their own cities to improve the quality of life of cats and their humans.