Courses, seminars and events

Centro Miciolandia regularly organizes basic and advanced professional training courses, as well as seminars, informational days, workshops and short courses for cat owners, enthusiasts and professionals of the animal world who want to open a door on the feline world to deepen their knowledge and maybe improve the quality of life shared with their Cat.

During the year, free seminars and workshops are also regularly organized, open only to Miciolandia consultants.

Evaluation and intervention in problematic situations

Sometimes it can happen that the cohabitation with the cat becomes problematic, you can present difficulties suddenly or difficulties already present for some time can become more severe and become intolerable, creating relational problems between the person and his beloved cat. Our cerified Consultants were trained to provide professional assistance in these situations and help the person and the animal to regain balance in order to continue life together peacefully and without tension.

On-line courses
Cat-sitter service

You must be absent for a few days and you don't know who to entrust the care of your beloved cat? Many of our consultants offer a cat-sitting service at home, that is, the care of your cat in the tranquility of his home. Some consultants also offer the possibility to welcome your cat in their home or cattery.

Pre and post adoption consultancy

Adopting an animal is an action that requires awareness, so it is important to be guided by a professional who can advise you and guide you in choosing your future four-legged life partner to start off on the right foot and be informed about everything you need. To start a happy cohabitation with your cat and prevent any difficulties.

Even after making an adoption, there is a need to learn and know what are the basic things to ensure a happy and satisfying life for both, cat and human.

Private lessons

With Centro Miciolandia® you can book private lessons on the feline world, according to the needs and curiosities of the person who books them: the topics are many and all interesting, ranging from the characteristic needs of the species to the most suitable object to use for playing together, or to the most correct preparation of the house, all the topics that the person wishes to explore can be treated and a number of lessons can be booked.