Dressing your cat: here are the reasons why you should avoid it

Like every year, we approach a season with many holidays, which starts with Halloween and ends with Epiphany. Since october we begin to see around social media images of cats dressed up in costumes ranging from Batman to Freddy Krueger, to Santa Claus, not to mention the endless variety of hats and headbands.

Why is it wrong to have a cat wear a costume? Here are some reasons.


Let’s go on holiday!... and what about the cat?

Summer is finally here and it’s time for some well-deserved holidays, but a problem comes to mind: what shall we do with the cat? Do we take it with us? Do we leave it in a cat hostel? Do we call someone? Let’s see what are the possible solutions to go on vacation free of worries and sure that our cat will be alright!

First we need to clarify a really important point: no cat is similar to others!


Until death do us part: living with the cat during its last days of life

When we decide to share our life with a cat, we usually never think about the inevitable moment when the cat arrives at the end of his life. We prefer to hide this thought in the recesses of our mind, almost for fear that just thinking it can turn it into a reality. We should, however, learn to embrace this thought, to make it part of our cohabitation, because as much as we can try to deny it, the truth is that in most cases our beloved cat will die before us and then we will be witnesses, if we want to or not, of this event.


Moving with your cat

Moving to a new house is a very important event in a person's life, but it is even more so in the life of a cat.


Christmas for cats

The holidays are here! What will our cat think of the Christmas environment? Colours, sounds, decorations, people coming and going, new smells, and lots of confusion... let's try to learn more:


Pleasure and pain of every cat owner, the Christmas tree is an incredible attraction for cats. The shape, the smell, the countless dangling objects, they represent a playground waiting to be enjoyed! What are the basic advices for the tree’s survival and the cat's safety?